I started taking photographs when I was 14. That's when my parents bought me a Minolta X700. I learned to process and print my own images (at first not very well) I guess I've always had "the eye" but it took a pretty long time to develop the technical skills. My first love was photographing people and it's still my favorite. But over time I've really gotten into landscapes and macro photography as well.

From Tucky Williams, Writer/Producer/Actress - Girl/Girl Scene - Dagger Kiss: 

 "People's reactions to opera the first time they see it is very dramatic; they either love it or they hate it. If they love it, they will always love it. If they don't, they may learn to appreciate it, but it will never become part of their soul."

I think we can apply this to you and your photography.  If you are truly gifted as an artist and photographer, as you are, then you will continue to be.  If someone is not bestowed with that gift, they may learn to become a good photographer, but because it doesn't come from their soul, they will never be truly great.

So there's my review of Mr. Trace Deaton.  You have the gift of the great artist, a gift that is ingrained in your very soul.



Trace Deaton